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So You Think Single Moms Are..?

I asked, What are some stereotypes Single Moms find themselves having to prove wrong or maybe even justify? Unfortunately 1 bad apple usually spoils the bunch, so regardless of what sweet, juicy fruit was mixed in with the bad, t spoils the whole dern bunch and you end up just throwing them all out. If you were to survey the women of The Real Single Moms Club, you would find that we are, the Crème de la Crème!

So you think Single Moms Are:

  1. “Thirsty”- We are not “desperate” for a man. I know quite a few ladies, including myself that are so focused on their purpose and passions that, while having a man is entertaining, it’s not the Must Have on our list. Married women you can stop giving us the side eye when we come around your man because we don’t want him. Just because we don’t have a ring doesn’t mean that we can’t be a “respectful friend.”

  1. Waiting on the 1st of the month – While I am not downing anyone who is or has used government assistance. What I don’t agree with, is the person that “settles” for it. I encounter so many successful single moms. I tend to think that we are just so modest about our roles that it’s not important. So you’ll never know if we are a single mom or just a very determined women.
  1. A H.A.M. – Yep I said it, people think we are supposed to look and act like a hot ass mess! Since the redefined single mom is educated and holding down a career, I think we are entitled to look the part. Because of the stereotypes, I would say we try even harder to take better care of ourselves. The last thing we want is for someone to feel sorry for us. And by the way STOP trying to count our money!
  1. Control Freaks – We are the sole-provider, sole-disciplinarian, sole-decision maker in our home so of course we take control. Call us Super Woman, We jump out of bed and grab our capes and by the time we take it off, it’s time for a hot bath (here is where we let the tears fall) then we walk out and make sure the house is under control all to start over again. If anything goes wrong, the responsibility is on us to correct it. So please don’t take us the wrong way after all Real Single Moms don’t just sit there, we take control!!
  1. Raising Bae Bae’s kids – Did I just tell my age? Lol! We are doing everything we can to ensure our kids are receiving the best education and are prepared for the real world. We don’t want our kids to feel LACK because of our situation. In 2015, I have seen more single moms PAY for after school tutoring classes ($250-500 a month) than I have ever heard before. Well their daddy may be Bae Bae but I can assure you that it is not our intention to raise uneducated and unruly kids.

What have you heard?

  1. We are uneducated
  2. Date men to take care of our kids
  3. We don’t have professional careers
  4. We are all Damaged Goods
  5. We became pregnant as teenagers
  6. Husbands just up and left us
  7. We are looking for a rich man to take care of us
  8. We can no longer achieve our goals
  9. We can’t enjoy life
  10. Insecure
  11. Lazy
  12. All Drama- Baby Momma Drama

These are strictly my opinion, I’d like to hear yours. Please leave a comment below.



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