Partner with the Parenting Expert

Psalms 127:3 says that children are a blessing from God, but I sure didn’t see this at 18. I surely wasn’t ready to be a mom and I could think of other gifts God could have given me besides a baby. (I say that as if I was Virgin Mary)

I found myself being over protective of my daughter, not wanting to leave her and the only person I trusted to keep her was my mom. Then as she grew older, I would have these crazy nightmares that she was being kidnapped and I couldn’t get to her, so I would wake up crying and exhausted from searching for her cry, in the middle of nowhere. It seemed so close but I could never find her. I remember one morning waking up and crying to God saying, I need you to help me. I can’t do all this alone. If I give her to you, will you guide me and help me be the guardian that you see me as to your child? I realized that she was his child, but somewhere in his great mind (2Tim 3:17; Heb 13:21) he felt I was equipped with everything I needed to be a good guardian on earth. I knew then that I had to partner with God. I would allow God to be her protector, her provider, her teacher and her corrector, after all he was the Expert Parent and he could give her more than I ever could.

Now don’t think for one minute that this means I became this perfect person. Nope but even through all my foolishness, He still kept his promise. One more thing, her life wasn’t flawless and things didn’t just run smooth but even then, He kept his promise. If you don’t know where to start, I found this illustration online, it’s a great place to start. If I could share 1 piece of advice on how to Survive and Thrive as a Single Mom, it would be to Partner with the EXPERT!

(Click Image To Enlarge)Praying for your children TRSMC

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