Shana Naylor

Charismatic, encouraging, giving, loyal, educated, and inspiring, these are just a few words to describe Shana Naylor, a confident woman walking in her purpose, passionately carrying out her mission to empower single mothers worldwide.

Shana is the founder of “The Real Single Moms Club,” an organization devoted to providing opportunities and experiences that educate, enlighten, and empower single moms to reach their full potential in spite of challenges they may face. Their motto is Redefining the Image of Single Moms.

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Vonda Porche
Director of Member Services

Vonda Porche is the vivacious and assertive Director of Member Services for The Real Single Moms Club. She was born and raised in Pennsylvania, but claims Maryland as her home. Some may find this strange, since she didn’t move to Maryland until she was thirty. Nonetheless, to her, there will always be something special about Maryland and Maryland will forever be in Vonda’s heart.

She is a graduate of the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer and Information Science.

She is an IT specialist with more than 20 years of experience in driving efficiency, productivity, and profitability through technological innovation. She often exclaims she has a “passion for writing code and could do it all day and everyday.”

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Chanda Josey
Support Liaison

Chanda Josey is the energetic, encouraging, devoted and caring Support Liaison for The Real Single Moms Club. She was born and raised in Houston, TX.

Even though she spent most of her childhood on the north side of Houston she has traveled all through the city and could be the perfect tour guide for any tourist.

 She has three beautiful teenagers who keep her on the go. Even though she married her high school sweetheart, things did not quite work out and she’s been divorced for three years now. She juggles being a full time supportive mom, working a full time job, having a side job and now working on her career of being a Pastry Chef. With the busy schedule that she already has, she felt the urge that something was missing.

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