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Is it a Single Mom Thing or Just a Mom Thing?

Is it a Single Mom Thing or just a Mom Thing?
How does she feel when the rest of the kids have the support of both parents?  I never want her to feel like she doesn’t belong or that she’s less than them.  So I make major sacrifices, I cheer the loudest, I run through traffic lights when I’m running late.  I try to make sure I’m dressed up really nice, I don’t want people looking at us like we’re struggling because I’m  a single parent.  And of course I make sure she has the latest trends, she has more shoes than I’ve ever owned, even if it means I have to be super creative with my limited wardrobe.

I remember this clearly.  Now that my daughter is in college, I often wonder if I created a monster. Not her but me!  Feeling like I’m always supposed to be there and a lot of times trying to over compensate for the absence of her dad. I’m trying to convince myself that it’s ok for me to take a summer vacation without her.  After all she’s spent a whole year away in college.  Why am I on this flight wondering if I should have brought her with me?  Is she feeling alone?  Should I have bought groceries?  What happens if she needs me?  OMG these thoughts keep going and going and they never end.  I thought I only had 18 years? We’re so close my friend says “OMG yall are going to drive me crazy with this snap chat!”  I’m thinking what’s wrong with me sending her videos of us on the shuttle and walking through the airport?  OMG I’m laughing so hard typing this, Shana that may be too much!!
For the next 3 hours I am going to reprogram my mind because I did a great job and it’s now time for me to enjoy life.  Being gone for 3 days doesn’t make me a bad mommy.  I’ll just make sure we talk every day.  Wait, we don’t talk that often when she’s away in school.
No this isn’t just a Single Mom thing, I think it’s a Mom Thing!  Although we may try to over compensate for the absent parent but moms are always going to worry about their baby.  My dad tells my mom all the time, It’s time to cut the cord and her youngest is 24! LOL

Share your story, do you feel the same way?

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