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“Finding your Purpose!”

So there’s all this hype about “finding your purpose” and it’s said that everyone is born with gifts and talents. Well I searched and searched for over 35 years, never coming up with one thing. Do you sew? No! Bake? No! Ok maybe you love doing hair? Make Up? Sports? Dance? No! No! No! No! Ok maybe you were blessed with a musical talent? Huge No!! My friend finally says, You should write a book about your life! O Hell No! No way would I air my dirty laundry. My business remains my business. So now I’m left thinking, “Did God skip over me as he was handing out gifts and talents?” Or maybe I just don’t have a purpose. My mother tried her best to help us discover (possible) hidden talents. After years of being forced to play the piano, I took the first out when given the opportunity. You’d swear my sister was the young Martha Stewart, she cooked, she could do her own hair, she even baked and decorated cakes! Then, here comes my brother a true athlete. And after my sister and I felt tortured after taking all these music lessons, he comes along and is a natural born musician. Yep, no lessons needed! LOL So now you see why I felt like I missed out? I was the oldest and the only one without a talent!!

Around 35, after graduating from Grad school, reality hit, my daughter would soon be graduating and leaving for college and I still didn’t know what my purpose was. I had given so much to Being Mommy! My first and only concern was to give my daughter the BEST LIFE I could, given the circumstances.

I started to feel incomplete, school had consumed so much of my spare time, so without school what would I do? As I began to pray, God started showing me, What I would do if Money nor Time was an Issue. Every spiritual gift assessment test had the same results. My dominant gifts were Administration and Exhortation. Now things were starting to make sense. My gift was to be a leader, to teach and to encourage others! My passion was to encourage Single Moms and let them know that, they are More Than Just a Mom. To use my life as a teenage mom as proof that they should never settle and to always remember their past doesn’t determine their future. After years and years of searching I stand boldly in my gift, telling my story, encouraging Single Moms all over the world to dig deep and find their purpose. Find the balance between being Mommy and being a Bold & Confident, Woman.

Have you dedicated everything to Being A Mommy and have lost touch with who you are? Do you ever look in the mirror and ask yourself Who Am I? What happen to (your Name), with all the drive and ambition? If this is you, it’s time to discover your purpose. I have a few questions for you:

  1. What brings you the most joy and happiness
  2. What would you be doing, if money and time wasn’t an issue?
  3. What do you want to be remembered for?

The answers to these questions will begin the journey of helping you discover your purpose. It’s true everyone was created with a gift, I’m sure you’re a great mom but you are #MoreThanAMom.

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