Chanda Josey is the energetic, encouraging, devoted and caring Support Liaison for The Real Single Moms Club. She was born and raised in Houston, TX. Even though she spent most of her childhood on the north side of Houston she has traveled all through the city and could be the perfect tour guide for any tourist.

She has three beautiful teenagers who keep her on the go. Even though she married her high school sweetheart, things did not quite work out and she’s been divorced for three years now. She juggles being a full time supportive mom, working a full time job, having a side job and now working on her career of being a Pastry Chef. With the busy schedule that she already has, she felt the urge that something was missing.

Growing up Chanda had a lot of tribulations of her own. When she was only 18 years old and graduating from high school, she learned that she was expecting her first child. She felt that life was too hard for her and she didn’t want her child to be raised in that environment. So she tried to take her own life.

 Of course she did not succeed. But once she realized it was only her imagination thinking her life was so horrible (her life was pretty good) it was too late. She ended up having her first child, a beautiful baby boy 5 months early. He passed away ten minutes after she gave birth to him. It took Chanda years to get over the loss until she realized that God had saved her. He gave her another chance at motherhood and blessed her with three more children. Two handsome baby boys, one that was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, and a beautiful baby girl. She began to see how blessed she truly was. Chanda began to see the positive in everything after that.

 She always gave positive and encouraging words of advice to her friends. Always pointing out the positive (or the GOD) in everything. Looking back and remembering those things is when she realized that she was missing something in her life. Since her divorce, she had been stand off and more to herself. She missed giving the advice or encouraging words to friends. That’s when she realized things needed to change, she needed to stop existing and start living again. She reconnected with Ms. Shana Naylor (a childhood friend) only to discover that she loved what Shana was doing with The Real Single Moms Club and how she was “redefining the image of single moms”. Chanda decided she wanted to be a part of something great and she knew that’s exactly where this organization was headed.

 After a couple of months being a part of The Real Single Moms Club through meeting and networking with new moms, Chanda began to get more and more active in the group. So when Shana offered her the position as the Support Liaison it made Chanda feel more at home. As Support Liaison Chanda reaches out to single moms to give positive encouraging advice that everything will be ok. Helping and working with other single moms knowing that she can give them some encouraging words or sound advice to lift up their day brings joy to Chanda every step of the way. She has found her passion in life again.