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So You Think Single Moms Are..?

I asked, What are some stereotypes Single Moms find themselves having to prove wrong or maybe even justify? Unfortunately 1 bad apple usually spoils the bunch, so regardless of what sweet, juicy fruit was mixed in with the bad, t spoils the whole dern bunch and you end up just throwing them all out. If you were to survey the women of The Real Single Moms Club, you would find that we are, the Crème de la Crème!

So you think Single Moms Are:

  1. “Thirsty”- We are not “desperate” for a man. I know quite a few ladies, including myself that are so focused on their purpose and passions that, while having a man is entertaining, it’s not the Must Have on our list. Married women you can stop giving us the side eye when we come around your man because we don’t want him. Just because we don’t have a ring doesn’t mean that we can’t be a “respectful friend.”
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Is it a Single Mom Thing or Just a Mom Thing?

Is it a Single Mom Thing or just a Mom Thing?
How does she feel when the rest of the kids have the support of both parents?  I never want her to feel like she doesn’t belong or that she’s less than them.  So I make major sacrifices, I cheer the loudest, I run through traffic lights when I’m running late.  I try to make sure I’m dressed up really nice, I don’t want people looking at us like we’re struggling because I’m  a single parent.  And of course I make sure she has the latest trends, she has more shoes than I’ve ever owned, even if it means I have to be super creative with my limited wardrobe.


Are You Ready for Mr. Right?

Now this one just might be a keeper, he’s nice, wait let me pull out my list. Ok, he doesn’t smoke, he loves the Lord. He doesn’t have any drama. He has a good job and good credit!

Wait are you saying you don’t have a list? You know the list of all the things that would make him Mr Right. Besides being a Man of God, He has to be Supportive because I have a busy schedule, Emotionally Sensitive but not too sensitive, Non-judgmental because I’m not perfect and he has to know how to Communicate because…Well I don’t believe in going to bed angry. Don’t laugh, Welcome to Shana’s World.

Then this soft voice says “Shana, what if he has a list?”, now where did that voice come from?” After I discovered this voice knew me a little more than I knew myself, I decided to do a self-assessment. Then I asked a few guys, what was on their list? It’s so funny because it’s true, guys really are a lot simpler than women. I had a brief conversation with Author Sean Wilburn, who also says “Our list is simple, we are really simple creatures” he goes on to say ”Be emotionally available, Not emotionally needy and last, but not least-Just be Cool”


What The Hell is Dysgrasyada?

Is the saying true, sticks and stones may break bones but words will never hurt? Let me help you, no it’s not true because words do internal damage. This is why you can’t allow people to say disrespectful or hurtful things to you. We teach people how to treat us.

I received a message, I must say, I was really uneasy when I first read it. Before I could respond, I had to remember that this young lady was in a totally different country, so therefore her fight isn’t the same as our fight. In America, being labeled makes us feel insecure and I have had women to say they don’t want to be called a Single Mom. My only guess for the reasoning behind this is due to their personal feelings about the role because if you are not married, you are single and if you have a child you are a mom.

I want to share an excerpt with you from the email, “here in our country it really is a big deal if you’re a single mom of two or more they have a term for that here in our country “disgrasyada” the word is very hurtful”.