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#BoldMoms #ConfidentMoms #FearlessMoms

The Real Single Moms Club is committed to providing opportunities and experiences that inspire Single Moms to live their best life.

Redefining the Image of Single Moms

Who we are

We are not just unmarried women, even if you are married but find yourself being the sole decision maker with the kids, you are invited to join us.

Why we are doing this

Single Moms deal with so much on a day to day basis that we tend to forget Who we are and What our goals and dreams are. Our events are designed to equip, educate and empower you to embrace the authenticity of who you are. Being a Mommy is definitely a beautiful gift from God but in order to raise confident children we’ve got to be comfortable with the core of who we are.

Where we are


Show Up 100%
Never Give Up 100%
Serve Unapologetically 100%
Give Negativity 0%